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Similar Students Measure

2017 Portrait of the Movement: Similar Students Measure

CCSA’s Similar Students Measure (SSM) attempts to support school accountability by using demographic data to identify schools that are high performing given the students they serve. To view a school level example of SSM results, visit our SSM Infographic Snapshot page.For more information on how the SSM is calculated, see CCSA's Technical Guide

The graphs below show the statewide percentile distribution of charter and traditional public schools on SSM. The schools on the far right of the distribution are far outperforming their expected scores, and schools on the far left are underperforming. The table below provide a closer look at groupings of bars depicted in the graphs. 

Performance data shown are publicly available through the CDE CAASPP data file. Data used in Portrait of the Movement is taken from the October 2016 CAASPP release. All data excludes schools that are designated as alternative school accountability model ("ASAM"), Alternative, or have fewer than 30 valid test scores. 

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